The 'mainstream media' vs Anti-War - Aug '09

The "mainstream" media told you Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction." Almost alone, told you it was a crock.
We were right; they were wrong.

The "mainstream" media told you that Georgia had been attacked by those evil Russkies, and was fighting in "self-defense." told you the Georgians started it, and were intent on dragging in the US to fight their fight.
We turned out to be right – as was acknowledged after the fact – and they were dead wrong.

Now the "mainstream" is telling you Iran has "weapons of mass destruction," Russia is a "gathering threat," and that if we don’t intervene everywhere we’ll suffer unthinkable consequences – and is telling you just the opposite: that the only thing the warmongering politicians have to fear is peace itself.
So who’s right, this time? Just one guess...

We told you it was Scooter Libby who outed Valerie Plame, long before anyone else named him. We told you that "meeting" with Mohammed Atta and the Iraqis was a fake and a fraud. We told you the whole kit-and-kaboodle of "evidence" against Iraq was a pack of lies. And, you know what? We were right every time.

We stand on our record: over a decade of telling truth to power. But we won’t make another decade without your continued support. The "mainstream" media is failing, not just because of their fear of the new technology but also because people are realizing that they’re just shills for the government and the Powers That Be. We are shills for nothing and no one, except the truth. We are partial to no party, or faction, but only to the cause of peace.