CARE Australia workers were spies


An exclusive report by Australian television network SBS show Dateline, titled CARE - THE SECRET CONTRACT by Reporter - Graham Davis, aired on Wednesday February 2, 2000 at 8.30 pm, reveals how CARE Canada signed an agreement with the Government of Canada, a member of NATO, to recruit a team, among them ex-military personnel, to monitor events in Kosovo. The monitors gathered intelligence in Kosovo for the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

SBS has known about a Canada connection since last June. But it agreed to a request from CARE Australia's Chairman, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser not to reveal any of the details for fear of jeopardising the release of the jailed CARE workers. Now that Branko Jelen has been allowed to leave Serbia, the story can finally be told.

In the DATELINE report, Fraser denounces the contract, freely acknowledging it raises suspicions about CARE's role in the Balkans. But he also criticises CARE Australia's national director Charles Tapp who, he says, should have prevented the arrangement from happening. CARE Australia was the lead CARE organisation in the former Yugoslavia and Fraser says Tapp had the power to block the deal.

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