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UN official shot while driving in Serbia

By Julius Strauss

Wednesday 1 March

A United Nations official was shot and wounded yesterday while driving through a tense area of southern Serbia which has seen increasing clashes between Yugoslav forces and ethnic Albanian guerrillas.

A Serbian policeman and an ethnic Albanian guerrilla were killed last weekend in a gun battle in the same area, a predominantly Albanian-populated enclave.

Marcel Grogan was hit in both legs near the village of Presevo while in a clearly marked UN vehicle, a spokesman said. He was driven to a Nato checkpoint in Kosovo from where he was taken to the American Camp Bondsteel. He was recovering last night.

Kosovo is surrounded by a three-mile exclusion zone inside which Nato forces and Yugoslav troops are barred from operating by the UN resolution that ended the alliance's war with Yugoslavia last June.

But in recent weeks Serbian police have moved into the zone to intercept ethnic Albanian guerrillas infiltrating from Kosovo. There have been a number of clashes and some of the estimated 75,000 ethnic Albanian civilians have begun leaving the area.

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