Russia wants YU to attend Dayton accord forum

MOSCOW, May 16 (Itar-Tass) - Russia stands for the participation of Yugoslavia in a conference on the Dayton Accords planned for May 25 in Brussels.

"Russia, same as other parties to the Dayton Accords, opposes any revision of the agreements and favors their complete fulfillment," acting Foreign Minister of Russia Igor Ivanov said on Tuesday.

He stressed that "representatives of Yugoslavia must take part in the conference in the Belgian capital... If anyone tries to hamper the participation of Yugoslavia, we will assume the responsibility to inflict a serious damage on the Dayton Accords, with all the related consequences."

Russia's stand on the participation of Belgrade in such conferences is clear and principled, and its partners in the Dayton Accords are well aware of that, Ivanov said.

The peace agreements for Bosnia (the Dayton Accords) were signed in Paris in 1995 by the Presidents of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and representatives of the European Union and the United States. Russia signed the Accords too.

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