RF Duma speaker, YU FM discuss Kosovo, cooperation

Seleznyov met Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic on Monday.

During the meeting, Seleznyov told Jovanovic about the upcoming confirmation of the candidature to the post of Russia's prime minister. The State Duma speaker told the minister that he is interested in the current situation in Yugoslavia.

Jovanovic noted that Yugoslavia and Russia seek to strengthen and expand strategic partnership in all aspects. "We believe that we are Russia's ally as Belarus. We consider our people's drive for creating a union with Russia and maintaining peace and developing cooperation in Europe as a response to those forces which want to divide Slav countries," the minister said.

He stressed the importance of inter-parliamentary cooperation between Yugoslavia and Russia and expressed gratitude to the State Duma for its support during the crisis and NATO's aggression. Jovanovic said it will help his country join efforts to protect Yugoslavia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The minister informed the State Duma speaker about the situation in Yugoslavia, primarily in Kosovo and Metojiha. He believes that NATO's efforts are aimed at separating Yugoslavia from these provinces. "What NATO cannot do by military methods, it is trying to achieve its goals by other means", the minister added.

Jovanovic said about 2,000 Serbs were killed or missed in Kosovo over the 11 months while 550,000 people left Albania and Macedonia.

The Yugoslav minister said his country is ready for equal cooperation with all countries, including those which participated in the aggression. He spoke of Yugoslavia's foreign policy and the opposition's activity.

Seleznyov assured Jovanovic that Russia will support Yugoslavia at the international arena.

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