YU criticises Nato for not implementing UN resolution

BELGRADE, May 11 (Itar-Tass) - The General Staff of the Yugoslavian Armed Forces has strongly criticised the NATO leadership and the countries affiliated to that alliance for failing to implement Resolution No.1244 of the U.N. Security Council on Kosovo and the Military-Technical Agreement signed by NATO and Yugoslavian generals at Kumanovo.

The statement of the General Staff, which was released on Thursday, notes that about one thousand civilians were killed, 879 others were wounded, and 867 were taken hostages in Kosovo during the period following the deployment there of the international force, the backbone of which is made up of NATO troops. As many as 4,573 terroristic acts were committed in Kosovo in past eleven months, including the 1,158 terroristic attacks that were recorded after the so-called demilitarisation of the "Kosovo Liberation Army", which was reformed into the Kosovo Protection Force. "NATO and the Pentagon must explain why Resolution No.1244 of the U.N. Security Council and the Kumanovo Military-Technical Agreement have not been implemented in Kosovo, why an end has not been put to terror in Kosovo, and why crime is not being combatted there," the statement says.

The General Staff also urges the NATO leadership and the Pentagon to acknowledge their losses during the air offensive on Yugoslavia. As to the Yugoslavian armed forces, they lost thirteen tanks in the course of the bombing raids, which lasted for 78 days and nights, seven of which were destroyed by the NATO air force. The Yugoslavians also lost eight artillery pieces and nineteen anti-aircraft guns.

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