General Kvashnin to attend Nato-Russia session

MOSCOW, May 10 (Itar-Tass) -- Russian Armed Forces' Chief of General Staff Anatoly Kvashnin on Wednesday will take part in the fifth session of the joint Russia-NATO standing committee at the level of chiefs of staff to be held in Brussels.

"We shall exchange views on the strategic concept of NATO, and the results of the peacekeeping operation in Kosovo," Kvashnin told reporters on Tuesday, adding that "the discussion will be unbiased and fair." According to the Russian Chief of General Staff, "NATO officials are sometimes trying to colour thereal state of affairs in Kosovo." In his view, "they seek one- sided stabilization there, which is for Kosovo Albanians only." Kvashnin said that the situation was aggravating in Kosovo as the Kosovars were trying to create their enclaves now in the territory of Serbia.

Last year, Russia refused to take part in a spring session of the military officials in Brussels protesting against the NATO-launched military operation in Yugoslavia. The participation of the Russian Armed Forces' Chief of General Staff in the coming NATO session at the headquarters of the alliance is indicating tothe fact that Russia seeks progress on the way of further de- freezing its relations with NATO, paved last February at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and NATO Secretary General George Robertson.

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