YU concerned over resolution on Chechnya

BELGRADE, April 28 (Itar-Tass) - The Yugoslav Foreign Ministry expressed profound concern over a tendentious resolution on the situation on Chechnya passed by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The Yugoslav Foreign Ministry's statement circulated on Friday says that the resolution passed under the US pressure is aimed at damaging Russia's image and is a manifestation of interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

Under the pretext of concern for human rights, it is attempted to legalise the policy of the use of force, hegemonism, blackmail and diktat, the statement says. Instead of backing Russia which takes necessary and justified measures of combating terrorism and separatism in Chechnya, it is sought to weaken its unity.

The Yugoslav Foreign Ministry also notes that the verbiage of the resolution is the same as was applied to Yugoslavia regarding alleged human rights violation in Kosovo and in Metohija. In the case of Yugoslavia, the West was concealing the real state of affairs in Kosovo and encouraged Albanian terrorists in order to pave the way for an aggression of NATO forces.

The statement expresses the protest against the United Nations Commission on Human Rights abusing its mandate.

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