Attempt to split Kosovo away from YU

MOSCOW, March 9 (Itar-Tass) - The situation in Kosovo "is tending towards aggravation" and Resolution 1224 of the U.N. Security Council "is being implemented unsatisfactorily", Head of the International Military Cooperation Department of the Russian Defence Ministry Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov told a press conference here on Thursday.

Commenting on the progress of the peace-making operation in Kosovo, he said that "a situation is being artificially created to get Kosovo secede from Yugoslavia". Ivashov explained that Kosovo was being "excluded from the economic and constitutional field of Yugoslavia".

One of the reasons for the deteriorating situation in that Yugoslavian province, he believes, is that "Belgrade's participation in the political settlement in Kosovo" is being ignored, and Belgrade "is today excluded from it". "Stabilisation of the situation in Kosovo is impossible" without such participation, Ivashov is convinced.

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