Duma commission to study Kosovo situation

MOSCOW, February 25 (Itar-Tass) - The State Duma lower house of Russian parliament is setting up a commission to study the situation that formed in Kosovo which is a difficult situation from the viewpoint of world politics and human rights observance.

Announcing this at a news conference on Friday, Oleg Morozov, head of the Russian Regions group of deputies, said that Kosovo "constitutes a global problem, when one part of the world community, one country is imposing a new political, geopolitical and military structure on the rest of the world on Yugoslavia's example".

US bombings of Yugoslavia were "aimed at disrupting the post- war structure in Europe. This is of most dangerous consequences for Russia," Morozov said.

"Russia must assume a very tough stand to oppose this tendency at a new world structure demonstrated in Kosovo. The overwhelming part in Russia and of political forces declare against this," Morozov said.

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