KFOR to stop attempts to escalate violence in Kosovo - NATO

BRUSSELS, February 21 (Itar-Tass) - KFOR peacekeepers will stop any attempts to escalate violence in Kosovska-Mitrovica, NATO secretary-general George Robertson said.

Roberston spoke at a joint press conference with EU foreign policy supremo Javier Solana in Brussels on Monday.

Roberston and Solana told journalists that the international community will join efforts to create many-ethnic, peaceful and democratic Kosovo.

Robertson denied that French peacekeeping troops in Kosovo- Mitrovica express more sympathy to Serbs than to Albanians. He recalled that there is such an incident in Orahovac when the Albanians tried not to allow Russian peacekeeping troops to enter the city.

KFOR units will be transported to those regions where their presence is necessary. The command of peacekeeping troops willjoin efforts to prevent any attacks on KFOR, the NATO secretary- general noted.

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