Thousands of Serbs converging on Kosovska-Mitrovica

LONDON, February 21 (Itar-Tass) - Thousands of Serbs, living in different parts of Kosovo, are now marching towards Kosovska-Mitrovica, where the population of the Serbian sector of that multi-ethnic town clashed with KFOR servicemen on Sunday, the British Press Association News Service reports.

At the same time, approximately ten thousand Albanians, who marched out of Pristina on Monday morning, are converging on that town. The distance between Kosovska-Mitrovica and Pristina is about forty kilometres.

The KFOR operation to "search for weapons" was resumed in Kosovska-Mitrovica on Monday morning. A 150-man American detachment again entered the town.

On Sunday the Americans were forced to withdraw from the Serbian sector of the town, where they were stoned by Serbs. Two Serbs and two American servicemen were wounded during the Sunday clashes. The KFOR command announced on Monday that the Mitrovica operation would last several more days.

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