Moscow harshly condemns attack agaist Serbs in Kosovo

MOSCOW, February 3 (Itar-Tass) - Moscow harshly condemns the armed attack against Serbs in Kosovo.

A Russian Foreign Ministry official in his statement noted that "the actions of opponents of political settlement in Kosovo acquire more and more impudent and defiant character." They did not stop even at the fact that the bus of the U.N. mission, which carried the serbs, was under guard of KFOR forces.

The goal of the terrorists and those who back them is clear -- to intimidate the remaining non-Albanian population and prevent hundreds of thousands of displaced people from returning to Kosovo, the statement said.

"We call on leaders of national communities, first of all Kosovo Albanians, for purposeful actions to create an atmosphere of interethnic tolerance in Kosovo," the official stressed.

This and similar acts of terror and violance testify, unfortunately, as was repeatedly pointed out, that the U.N. Security Council's resolution defining Kosovo settlement principles is left unrealised in many aspects, the statement noted.

Two Kosovo Serbs were killed and five were wounded when the bus came under fire from a hand grenade launcher late on Wednesday.

The bus carrying 49 Serb passengers was on its way between Kosovka-Mitrovica and a Serb village in Srbica. It was attacked from ambush, though the bus was accompanied by KFOR servicemen. As a result, two people were killed and five were wounded, a KFOR official confirmed. The passengers were evacuated from the destroyed bus by KFOR vehicles. The servicemen were not hurt.