Nato advises Estonia good relations with Russia

TALLIN, January 13 (Itar-Tass) -Estonia's way to NATO lies through integration of its society, Defense Minister Juri Luik said addressing the parliament on Wednesday.

Integration is a recommendation of NATO laid out in Goals of Partnership, a document which is a response to Estonia;' programme of joining NATO.

Estonia's political speak defines integration as overcoming ethnic and language divisions in society.

In defense terms, integration connotes command of the Estonian language by Russian-speakers, their "love" for Estonia and readiness to defend it with arms in their hands.

Luik cited recent opinion polls that he said suggested positive changes in sentiment of Russian youth.

He stressed that the guidelines received from NATO's Brussels headquarters were indicative of its interest in Estonian-Russian relations. Luik said he saw no direct relation between Estonian-Russian relations and Estonia's possible membership of NATO.


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