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Summer schools for children from diaspora

July 04, 2000

Belgrade, July 4 - Ministry for relations with Serbs out of Serbia has organized four summer schools of Serbian language and culture this year, which will be attended free of charge by more than 200 children from the diaspora.

The Minister for relations with Serbs out of Serbia Milorad Mircic stressed that the Ministry, that is, the Serbian Government, will bear the costs of the stay, lectures and the transportation of the pupils in the summer schools of "St. Sava", "Resava", "Sremski Karlovci" and "St. Prohor Pcinjski".

The program is adapted to the age of the pupils (10 - 20 years of age) and their foreknowledge of the language and includes lectures on the language, the Serbian literature, history, church and religion, as well as the visits to the monasteries and acquaintance with the famous persons, Mircic said, adding that the lectures will be given by the professors from the host municipalities, as well as by our eminent experts on different fields.

"The children will not be burdened by acquiring theoretical knowledge. The aim of the summer schools is to help the children learn their mother tongue and get to know the area in which they will stay, thus preserving their national and cultural identity", he underscored.

The Ministry plans to organize more summer schools next year, Mircic said, stressing that the organization of winter schools is also in plan.

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