Serbia Info
Protest to Security Council

June 27, 2000

New York, June 26th - FR Yugoslavia has submitted strongest protest to the United Nations Security Council over its refusal to allow the Yugoslav representative to the United Nations to participate in the meeting of the UN Security Council on the Balkans on June 23rd. Yugoslav Ambassador to the UN Vladislav Jovanovic said in the protest letter to President of the Council, French Ambassador Jean David Levitte, that rejection of the request of FR Yugoslavia was discriminatory and contrary to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations."

Reminding of the fact that Yugoslavia is situated in the central part of the Balkans and that it is a signatory party and a guarantor of the Dayton-Paris Agreement, as well as a country with the agreement of which the international civil and military presences have been deployed in part of its territory, Jovanovic pointed out that Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has more right than any other country to participate in the meeting of the Security Council.

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