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Europe condemned crime

June 04, 2000

Belgrade, June 3rd (Tanjug) - Nato is guilty for criminal aggression on Yugoslavia, European Tribunal in Berlin passed judgment today, after two-days old trial and hearing of stirring testimonies.

Representatives of national courts of 16 European countries and Russia, participated in the Tribunal's work, which declared chiefs of countries, members of NATO pact, their foreign and defence ministers, also commanding structure of West Alliance guilty for war crimes and crimes against humanity, committed in aggression against people of Yugoslavia, from March 23rd till June 10th last year.

In voluminous judgment that read presiding of Tribunal, respectable professor of University in Hamburg doctor Norman Peh, detailed legal argumentation was quoted and shameful role of executors of Washington's neocolonialists and their tensions to enslave the whole world economically was revealed and moral stigmatized.

In front of the Tribunal six Yugoslavs testified also, who survived attacks of NATO's air force and were at destruction and devastation's spots. Milos Markovic, journalist of Informative program of RTS spoke about terrible night April 23rd 1999 when 16 employees of RTS lost their lives at work. Strong impression left statements of two women, Irina Dimic and Marijana Gruda. First as a woman who has just given birth, passed trough terror when rocket was thrown on hospital "Dragisa Misovic", and other lost two children during bombing of place Murino in Montenegro.

European Tribunal passed judgment which will stay in the history as a warning and voice of honesty and honor of intellectual Europe and in culprits' consciences of NATO pact's crimes as a lifelong seal.

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