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Russia will boycott meeting in Brussels

May 23, 2000

Moscow, May 22, (Politika, S. Samardzija) - Russia will not attend the ministerial meeting of the Council for Implementation of the Dayton Agreement on Bosnia, which will be held in Brussels on May 23 and 24.

Final decision on nonarrival of the Russian representatives to Brussels was made on Monday morning, Interfax agency learns from the local diplomatic sources. This way Moscow wants to express its discontent over the fact that the FR of Yugoslavia, as one of the key signatories of the Dayton agreement, was not invited to attend the meeting.

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov clearly stated last week that Moscow has the stand that the Yugoslav representatives had to attend the meeting in Brussels. "Whoever tries to disable the presence of Yugoslavia at the meeting will wantonly violate implementation of the Dayton peace agreement, with all the consequences of such an attempt", Ivanov underscored at a press conference.

"The policy of isolation of the FR of Yugoslavia is contra productive", Ivanov stressed, "since there can be no stability and security in the Balkans without its active role".

The agreement on the peaceful solution of the Bosnian crisis, together with many accompanying documents, was signed in Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A. in November 1995. Leaders of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia participated in the negotiations.

The agreement that was reached in cooperation with the members of so-called Contact Group, composed of Russia, the US, Great Britain, Germany and Italy, has defined, among other things, basic principles of the political organization of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the procedure for organizing the elections and defining the territorial borders.

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