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'Varadin Rainbow' will be completed to schedule

May 23, 2000

Novi Sad, May 22 - Putting down of the last section of road and railway girder and rejoining the banks of Danube near Novi Sad last night represents top success of our constructors who will complete "Varadin rainbow" bridge till November 1 this year, stated today Deputy Provincial Secretary of Economy Zoran Vapa.

The road and railway bridge that was completed last night was constructed in less than three and a half months, which is doubtlessly a remarkable result. "Mostogradnja", "Gosa", Mechanical Engineering Industry Nis and "Backa-put" deserve all the credits, Vapa added.

According to Vapa, almost 95% of the technical solutions applied during the construction of the road and railway bridge have been applied for the first time in the world. "Eminent world bridge constructors admitted this", Vapa concluded.

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