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Attempts to justify Nato's aggression

May 20, 2000

Brussels, May 19th - North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Washington with different pressures continue with aggression on Yugoslavia in the attempt to justify bombing and huge destructions which were caused during the "air operations", who are putting in that context the latest statements of American state secretary Madeleine Albright, it is emphasized in analysis of anti-war and peace movements, which have been published in Brussels today.

Chief of State department announced that she will initiate new campaign next week, at the meeting of chiefs of countries' diplomacy of North Atlantic Treaty Organization's and European Union's members, in Florence and Brussels, in order to put pressure on Yugoslavia, with hypocritical reason that she want's to help the media.

There is no doubt, it is stated in that analysis, that alliances of North Atlantic Treaty Organizations pay institutions and individuals in Yugoslavia, with the intention to, not choosing ways, contribute to the destabilization of situation, because media in the West confirms that NATO's "air operation" was complete disaster.

American officials because of that are trying to bring as much as possible disorder and restlessness in other ways, using so-called alternative weapons, strong propaganda and media.

Also, no one has illusions any more about "freedom" and "independence" of media who NATO pays, in other words, American administration, it is stated in analysis which were published on Internet pages of anti-war and peace movement.

Those medias, it is quoted, are only instruments whose assignment is to justify NATO's hegemony, interventionism and "production" of conflicts and reminding that one of the first things with which NATO showed what kind of democracy and freedom of the press want's to impose, whether bombing of RTS, radio stations and transmitters all over Yugoslavia.

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