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Labor Day in YU

May 01, 2000

Smederevo, May 1 - The central republic event which marked the international Labor Day, May 1, was held today in Jugovo resort near Smederevo, under the slogan "For lifting of sanctions, against aggression and war - for freedom, peace and work."

Serbian trade union federation President Tomislav Banovic addressed the rally which was attended by large numbers of citizens. "This rally is not a real May Day celebration, as earlier ones, since it has the nature of protest and defiance, expressing dissatisfaction, indignation and revolt over what has been done for years by international power wielders to the people, citizens and workers of Serbia, trade union members," Banovic said.

He underscored that for this reason today's meeting was held under the slogan "For lifting of sanctions, against aggression and war - for freedom, peace and work".

Economic and other sanctions pressuring Yugoslavia for years are a grave, unjust, and unacceptable collective punishment of the people, he said.

Those sanctions have been imposed by certain international organizations under the pressure and dictate of the most powerful world countries against the Yugoslav and Serbian citizens and workers. That is why they are extremely inhuman, unacceptable and deserve the strongest condemnation of all well-meaning persons throughout the world. The lifting of the sanctions is a question of life to us, our trade union membership, workers and citizens of our country, Banovic said.

We demand due and full respect of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 on Kosovo and Metohija, and that all those expelled from this southern Serbian province return to their jobs and their homes which they were forced to leave under pressure of naked force and terrorism, Banovic said.

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