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Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter

April 30, 2000

Belgrade (Tanjug) - All orthodox churches in the world celebrate today the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This holiday represents the most important holiday for all Christians.

By celebrating Easter, the Resurrection of Christ is celebrated, and the whole Christian religion, which is based on hope in resurrection of all dead, on faith in eternal life, on victory of good over evil, of life over death and which represents the essence of human mission on earth.

The Gospel according to Mathew says that the Resurrection of Christ happened "on Saturday, at the dawn of the first day of the week", and the news about the Resurrection of Christ was announced by archangel Gabriel, who, according to the legend from the Bible, is an angel who only announces the good news.

Regarding the calendar, Easter is the basis of the Christian year and according to it, as the main moveable holiday, days and holidays in the first half of the year are moved too, from the first weeks of preparing for Easter fasting, to the beginning of Peter's fast.

Easter celebrations end the Great Fast which lasts several weeks. According to the Canon of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Easter celebrations last three days, thus besides the Easter Sunday, the Easter Monday and Tuesday are printed in red letters in orthodox calendar.

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