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International terrorist Osama bin Laden in KosMet

April 26, 2000

Pristina, April 26th - The notorious international terrorist of Saudi origin Osama bin Laden, wanted by the U.S. State Department for a reward of five million dollars, has found new sanctuary in the Balkans, in the hotbed of European terrorism - Kosovo and Metohija, after many years of hiding in Afghanistan.

The Islamic fanatic arrived in the southern Serbian province from Albania, Tanjug learned. Until recently, bin Laden was training a group of almost 500 mujaheddin from Arab countries around the Albanian towns of Podgrade and Korce for terrorist actions in Kosovo and Metohija, the sources said. This group of mujaheddin presents only one-fourth of the planned number of extremists whose task is to set off a new wave of violence in southern Serbia (the area linked by the towns Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja).

Bin Laden arrived in the province in the company of his close associate Abou-Hassan, who is responsible for the murder of three British tourists in December 1998.

The arrival of the most wanted terrorist has especially disturbed members of the U.S. contingent of the international security forces in Kosovo and Metohija (KFOR). Namely, Saudi millionaire who for years lavishly finances international terroristic net and whose "hand" is present in the most of crisis spots of Muslim's world (like Chechenya, Kashmir, Afghanistan) published at the proper time Jihad ("wholly war") to the Americans because of it's aggressive foreign policy and specially because of of their military presence in Saudi Arabia.

"Glove is thrown down"in the face of American administration in August in 1998, when the explosion in the embassies of United States in Kenya and Tanzania killed 230 innocent people, among who 10 American citizens also. White House as an organizer identified Osam bin Laden and demanded from Kabul (Afghanistan) his extradition. Since, Afghanistan's authorities refused that, United Nations applied sanctions against that Asian country.

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