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Serbian houses blasted in Kosovska Vitina

April 25, 2000

Kosovska Vitina, April 25 (Tanjug) - On Monday evening at around 9 p.m. in Kosovska Vitina exploded a strong explosive device planted between two Serbian houses, damaging both, radio amateurs reported Tuesday morning.

The bomb was planted on the plateau between the houses belonging to Vladimir Mitrovic and Vesko Piric, and the powerful blast damaged both houses and several others.

Both houses have been abandoned for many months, so it was easy for the ethnic Albanian terrorists to plant the explosive.

The most damaged was the house of Nenad Zivkovic. Fortunately, the family members were not near the windows, so there were no injured.

Last night, ethnic Albanian terrorists set fire to farm buildings belonging to Zivojin Simic and the fire soon spread to the barn.

The house, after a break-in of a group of ethnic Albanians who molested the owner, was abandoned some time ago by the owner.

KFOR troops arrived at the scene only to affirm that a fire had been started by unidentified persons, and as there was no danger of the fire spreading they did not even call the firemen, the report said.

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