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Imprisoned Serbs are still on hunger strike

April 20, 2000

Zagreb, April 20th (Tanjug) - A group of twenty-seven Serbs in the prison "Lepoglava", who were on hunger strike since Monday, still refuse to eat because of the manner in which the Amnesty law is being implemented and a failure to honour an accord on prisoner exchange signed by former Croatian Foreign Minister Mate Granic and Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic.

Croatian Ministry of Justice confirmed that they were still on hunger strike, stating that the prisoners considered it to be the only way to begin the solution of their problems concerning legal actions.

Yesterday, Serbian prisoners discussed the issue with Milan Djukic, leader of the Serb National Party and deputy to the Croatian parliament, who said after the meeting that he justifiably feared that the Serb prisoners had been sentenced to imprisonment through rigged trials because 90 per cent of the sentences had been passed without testimonies by witnesses, adding that most of the sentences were not in effect.

Djukic said that the prisoners were unsatisfied with the way legal state is treating them, adding that it was necessary that the trials be revised, because of the suspicion that the courts had been biased against the Serb prisoners.

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