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Successful reconstruction of the country

April 06, 2000

Belgrade, April 5th - The Board of Directors of the Serbian Reconstruction Office had a session chaired by its president, Serbian Premier Mirko Marjanovic. The body reviewed a report on reconstruction up to date and future plans on this field.

The Board said that the Office was set up by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic just ten days after the aggression had started, with the purpose of remedying its consequences and restoring normal life, and that it has successfully implemented the Serbian reconstruction program.

The first stage of reconstruction was completed in the shortest possible time, between April and November 29th 1999, during which time the consequences of the aggression were removed, citizens were provided with normal life conditions, and the quick growth of the economy was made possible.

Speedy reconstruction has also continued in the second stage, with the building of projects of great importance for dynamic and effective economic and overall growth of the country.

By April 3rd 2000, work has been completed on 113 construction projects, and 76 of them are still in progress.

Over the past year, 200 domestic companies have employed more than 140,000 workers and experts on rebuilding projects.

Everything that was built and repaired was done so according to the highest standards and from the real resources.

The reconstruction is a grandiose project in which the full solidarity and unity of our people was shown, it was concluded at the session of the Board of the Directors of the Serbian Reconstruction Office.

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