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The arrest of Krajisnik -
the attack on peace accords reached in Dayton and Paris

April 04, 2000

BELGRADE, April 3rd (Tanjug) - The Yugoslav Foreign Ministry vehemently condemned the perfidious arrest of Momcilo Krajisnik, former Republika Srpska parliament speaker and member of Bosnia's three-man presidency, in his home in Pale, by SFOR, the Ministry reported today.

This shameless and scandalous act by NATO-led SFOR was a direct attack on peace accords reached in Dayton and Paris. This is the latest and most dramatic form of activity of the occupying forces, aimed at creating a unitary Bosnia-Herzegovina and eliminating the Republika Srpska as Bosnia's equal entity.

This act of violence clearly indicates that NATO continues its policy of genocide against the Serbs in an organized manner. SFOR's action has once again shown that it is an instrument openly used by NATO, which unequivocally indicates that the United Nations has been totally outmaneuvered, the peacekeeping mission taken advantage of and political, legal and moral principles in international relations trodden on, in order to force NATO and politics of power as the main arbiter on the world.

The arrest of Krajisnik shows that the so-called Hague Tribunal operates only as an illegitimate political body whose task is to ensure the collective punishment of the Serbian people.

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