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Since 1998, 1200 Serbs kidnapped in KosMet

March 30, 2000

Belgrade, March 29th (Politika) - Since 1998, 1,200 persons have been kidnapped in Kosovo and Metohija, stated Ranko Djinovic head of the Association of Families of Kidnapped Persons in Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija province.

Over the last eight days, our association has learnt that 402 persons have been kidnapped. According to our research, 20 percent of all the kidnapped were abducted before the NATO aggression (March-June, 1999), five percent during the aggression itself, and as many as 75 percent since the arrival of the U.N. mission in Kosovo and Metohija in June last year. KLA teams spared no one. They took mostly men - children, persons suffering from chronic diseases, invalids, even army and police members, under the pretext that they possessed arms or participated in attacks against KLA. None of the families of the kidnapped know exactly where their sons and husbands are. The family members only guess or hear from ethnic Albanian neighbours that there are special prisons for the Serbs from Kosovo, explains Djinovic.

The association has data which show that there are special camps for Serbs in northern Albania. For the first time, we got the information from witnesses on the identity of the persons who regularly participate in abduction of Serbs.

We cannot reveal the identity of the witnesses, but we know that the kidnappers are Ejup, Kasun Kabashi, Sedat Saljin Krasnici and Hadzi Azil Mazreku, all members of KLA secret military police. Predrag Dedic and Petra Kostic from Orahovac and Rada Djukanovic from Prizren spoke at the conference about the fate of their sons and husbands who were kidnapped.

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