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Hashim Tachi's confession

The Voice of Russia

March 07, 2000

Pristina, March 7th - Leader of the Albanian terrorists in Kosmet, Hashim Tachi, told recently foreign reporters, quoted by the Voice of Russia, about the methods of demonizing Serbs, i.e. how his terrorist KLA committed crimes in order to urgently provoke western military intervention in Yugoslavia.

Although, according to the Voice of Russia, a bizarre figure, Tachi, chosen by Washington to "represent" Albanian interests in the province, confessed that the Albanian separatists' tactics, in the last year's aggression on Yugoslavia, amounted to a major provoking of Yugoslav Army and police forces.

Frequent attacks on Serbian police and YA troops in this period weren't the actions of the so-called guerilla against the occupier, as the Kosmet terrorists and their order givers, first of all from the US and Germany, tried to present, but provocations calculated to challenge the legitimate security forces, whose response should have been at any cost declared a repressive act and violation of human rights.

Thus, according to Tachi in their attacks on Yugoslav troops and police, the Albanian terrorists used local civilians as human shields. That inevitably led to civilian casualties, which was used by the West in brutal attacks on Serbia and Yugoslavia, all because of the so-called protection of Albanian human rights in Kosmet, reports the radio.

According to the foreign media reports, quoted by the Russian radio, obviously "carried away", Tachi mentioned the well known incident in the village of Racak, which is a tragic repetition of the scenario realized at Markale market in Sarajevo, during the civil war in Bosnia.

Tachi revealed a public secret and confessed that the KLA members committed the murder of four Serbian policemen in Racak.

Furthermore, the Voice of Russia quotes Tachi, who confirmed that the terrorists killed the Serbian policemen on purpose in order to provoke adequate reaction. Indeed, a police action followed, but it was no punitive expedition of Serb special forces against Albanian farmers, but a legitimate operation against the Albanian extremists, who made their stronghold in Racak.

Tachi admitted that, later on, the bodies of the KLA members, killed in the clashes in the area of Racak, were discovered.

The alleged massacre in the village of Racak was invented on the basis of some dozen discovered bodies. However, an independent international expertise followed, and the OSCE experts from Byelorussia and Finland, established that the bodies belonged to the KLA extremists.

In spite of this, NATO and the leading western countries blamed Belgrade for the killing of the so-called Albanian farmers from Racak. That was the first in a series of accusations in an already worked out scenario for deceiving the international public, i.e. preparing the field for the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia, stressed the radio.

"Some other false testimonies on the so-called ethnic cleansing of the Albanians carried out by the Yugoslav authorities were never confirmed" says the reporter and reminds that the investigation was conducted by very prominent organizations, like the UN, OSCE, British Parliament Commission etc.

The US, British and Spanish experts from the NATO countries concluded that 50,000 innocent civilians were never killed, as it was claimed by the manipulated western media, but several hundred extremists.

Tachi failed to explain one thing - how was a terrorist organization, like his KLA, transformed by force in some kind of "Albanian resistance" to Belgrade?

When they appeared on the scene, only two years ago, KLA troops were called extreme and compared to the Red Khmers, who massacred their own people in Cambodia, reports the radio and adds that even the American CIA added this gang on the list of world terrorist organizations.

However, this crowd of idlers and mobsters - at first scarcely dressed and poorly armed - entered Kosmet last year, following KFOR troops and pretended to be the only legitimate authority.

Their violence and terror against the remaining Serbs are now being disguised by influenced media and humanitarian organizations in the West, because they have no other way to justify the aggression on a sovereign country and their current actions in Kosovo-Metohija, concludes the Voice of Russia.

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