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UN starts registering Serbs for return to south Kosovska Mitrovica

March 07, 2000

Kosovska Mitrovica, March 7th (Tanjug) - The registration of Serbs, who want to return to their homes in Kosovska Mitrovica's southern, ethnic Albanian-populated section, began Tuesday in the town's northern, Serb-populated section, said a spokesman for the UN civilian mission to Kosovo-Metohija (UNMIK).

Addressing reporters, the spokesman did not specify the details of the action nor explain what guarantees international presences could offer for the security of local Serbs who are the target of ethnic Albanian extremists' attacks even in the town's northern section, let alone its southern section whence they have been brutally expelled and where they will be in the minority.

The spokesman also said that ethnic Albanians had started returning to the town's northern section, saying that more than 40 persons had returned there up to this point within a large-scale process.

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