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Ethnic Albanian terrorists seriously injure 14 Serbs

March 06, 2000

BELGRADE, March 6 (Tanjug) - Ethnic Albanian terrorists have brutally beaten up 14 Serbs in the villages of Bostane and Trnicevac at Novo Brdo, Kosovo and Metohija, inflicting serious injuries on them, local radio amateurs reported today.

Paramedics of the U.N. peacekeeping force KFOR treated the injuries of all beaten up Serbs except those of a Serb woman, who was also seriously injured and who was transported to the U.S. base near Urosevac.

The Serb victims, mainly elderly people, were beaten up by a group of 11 armed ethnic Albanian terrorists who were wearing uniforms.

A KFOR patrol first reached the scene but soon had to ask its command to send back-up troops because it was surrounded by the terrorists. The command, however, ordered the patrol to return to base claiming that the U.N. civilian mission (UNMIK) should deal with the incident.

The terrorists escaped as soon as the patrol left the scene and before an UNMIK patrol reached it, what is, the radio enthusiasts said, another proof that KFOR didn't want to catch Albanian terrorists and criminals.

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