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Another evidence of the international forces' cynicism

February 26, 2000

Belgrade, February 26th (Tanjug) - Head of the provisional government of Serbia's southern province of Kosovo and Metohija Zoran Andjelkovic said today that the arson at the "Boro i Ramiz" sports hall in the provincial capital of Pristina was the latest proof of the ethnic-Albanian terror, violence, anarchy and crime and of the international peacekeeping forces' cynicism.

"The best illustration of the degree of cynicism displayed in the activities of the UNMIK and the KFOR is that they last night declined the assistance of fire brigades from Kursumlija and Nis, so that the valuable building would be saved, but instead asked for fire-fighters from Albania, who are unable even to extinguished fires at home," Andjelkovic said at the presentation of the book entitled "Days of terror" (in the presence of the international forces.

Andjelkovic set out that the declined assistance clearly showed that the UNMIK and the KFOR wanted the "last symbol of the common life of Serbs and ethnic-Albanians" to disappear, although it was one of the most beautiful sports centers in the Balkans.

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