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'KLA' wants to destroy everything

February 23, 2000

ROME, February 23rd 2000 (Tanjug) - Kosovska Mitrovica's U.N. administrator Mario Marcone told the reporter of Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera that trouble in the town is being made by the ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) which remained a military structure despite the agreement on its transformation.

Mario Marcone told the Corriere della Sera newspaper of Milan that the storming by ethnic Albanians of the Serb part of that divided town, which was reported by the Italian daily today, had been masterminded and started by the KLA.

"Big interests are involved here and they want to destroy everything" said Kosovska Mitrovica's administrator stressing that "there had been very few ethnic Albanians from Kosovska Mitrovica in the marching column of protestors".

"These people were mostly brought from other places. Bajram Rexhepi, a close associate of Hashim Thaqi, had said this himself", he said.

"Local residents… want to know if this economy of survival, which they undergo today, is intended for the future", asked Marcone.

The reporter of Milan daily explained the readers this "economy of survival" of the Albanian part of Kosovska Mitrovica with following words: "Racket, drug traffic and prostitution-with the blessing of KLA".

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