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UN Security Council would be blamed for Balkan destabilization

February 05, 2000

New York, February 4 (Tanjug) - Yugoslavia's permanent representative to the United Nations, Vladislav Jovanovic, wrote today to the U.N. Security Council a letter requesting the body's emergency meeting.

If the UN Security Council fails to do appropriate steps to stop further deterioration of the security situation in Kosovo-Metohija, violation of Yugoslavia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the ethnic cleansing campaign waged by ethnic Albanian terrorists against local Serbs and other non-Albanians in that Serbian (Yugoslav) province, it would directly result in an escalation of terrorism throughout the region, which would destabilize the Balkans and southeast Europe, and for which the U.N. Security Council would be directly to blame, said Jovanovic.

Ethnic Albanian terrorists in Kosovo-Metohija have committed terrible crimes - the attack on bus which was carrying Serbs and the attack on a restaurant in Kosovska Mitrovica, said the letter, addressed to the U.N. Security Council President for February, Ambassador Arnoldo Listre of Argentina.

The victims were all Serbs, the letter said, adding that the latest brutal operations by the ethnic Albanian so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), transformed into the Kosovo Protection Corps, have shown without a shadow of doubt that the international force KFOR and the U.N. civilian mission (UNMIK) have not discharged their main obligations under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244 of disarming KLA terrorists and providing security for all in Kosovo-Metohija.

It is especially disturbing that both terrorist attacks occurred in the presence of members of the international military and civilian missions. The failure of Civil Mission representatives to protect Serbs raises a question of their credibility and responsibility for the consequences of the attack.

Describing the reaction and statement by Annan as confused, ambiguous and mild, the Yugoslav ambassador said Annan's statement does not condemn the terrorism whose acceleration is the direct result of an accord reached with the ethnic Albanian separatists and terrorists by Annan's special envoy Bernard Kouchner.