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Hassim Chuse murdered

Ethnic Albanian terrorists murder their compatriots loyal Serbia

January 31, 2000

Prizren, January 31 (Tanjug) - Hassim Chuse, aged sixty, uncle of a member of the Temporary Executive Council of Kosovo and Metohija and President of the Democratic Reformative Party of Ethnic Albanians of Sokol named Chuse, was found dead around three p.m. yesterday in Dulje near Suva Reka in the vicinity of Prizren reported the Centre for Peace and Tolerance in Prizren today.

Hassim Chuse, who had gone missing on January 18th, was hit in the head with three bullets. The body was already putrefying when found.

Hassim Chuse was last seen in town on January 18th and there has been no sign of him since then.

The Centre for Peace and Tolerance in Prizren reports that it is assumed that Hassim Chuse was murdered because of his loyalty and his family's loyalty to the state of Serbia.

Members of the KFOR give no further information "in the best interest of the inquiry".

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