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YU urges full implementation of UN resolution on Kosovo


A senior Yugoslav official has called for undelayed implementation of the U.N. Resolution 1244 which provides for the return of Yugoslav army and Serb police troops to Kosovo, the Tanjug news agency reported Saturday.

Stanimir Vukichevich, chairman of Yugoslavia's Committee of Cooperation with the U.N. administration in Kosovo (UNMIK), said that only a full implementation of the U.N. resolution could stabilize the situation in the region as he met with a delegation of the U.N. Security Council in Pristina.

Warning that the security outlook in Kosovo was grim and that non-Albanian ethnic people were in a predicament, he stressed that the root cause of the tension was that UNMIK and KFOR were not seriously carrying out the U.N. resolution.

At the meeting, head of the U.N. delegation Anwarul Chowdhury, ambassador of Bangladesh to the U.N., called for close cooperation between all parties concerned to strictly observe the U.N. resolution and curb the violence in Kosovo.

The U.N. delegation, made up of representatives from eight member countries of the Security Council, was on a two-day visit to Kosovo ending Saturday.

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