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Gunmen kill Albanian politician

June 16, 2000

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia (AP) -- Two masked men wearing uniforms of the officially disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army shot and killed a moderate ethnic Albanian politician, the United Nations said Friday.

Halil Dreshaj, a member of the Democratic League of Kosovo, was killed late Thursday when the two attackers forced their way into his home in the western village of Nabrdje. Dreshaj's father was also wounded, the United Nations said, but did not elaborate on his condition.

U.N. officials quoted the victim's wife as saying the attackers wore uniforms with the red-and-black emblem of the KLA, which was supposed to have been disbanded last year under an agreement with the NATO-led Kosovo Force.

Dreshaj's party is led by pacifist Ibrahim Rugova, who is competing with the former KLA command for leadership of the Kosovo Albanian community.

This is the latest in a series of killings that has again underscored the failure of the U.N. and NATO-led mission to restore order one year after the Western alliance forced Yugoslav troops to stop their crackdown against ethnic Albanian separatists and leave the province.

Earlier Thursday, two Serbs were killed and one injured when their van ran over a land mine on a road used almost exclusively by Serbs and located south of Pristina.

The chief U.N. administrator, Bernard Kouchner, blamed extremists who "do not want us to succeed."

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