NY Times
Rockets fired at Kosovo Serb enclave

April 23, 2000

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia (Reuters) - Rockets from a portable launcher crashed into a Kosovo Serb enclave guarded by Italian troops but no casualties were reported, sources in the province's NATO-led peacekeeping force said Sunday.

Gorazdevac, a crumbling Serb village with some 1,000 people in western Kosovo about six miles from the city of Pec, was targeted Saturday evening, a KFOR source told Reuters. He had no further information.

The independent Serbian news agency Beta said earlier that nine rockets were fired into Gorazdevac with a portable launcher around 6 p.m. (1600 GMT) Saturday from the nearby ethnic Albanian village of Grabovac.

Beta reported no casualties but said some houses were damaged.

Gorazdevac is believed to be the only Serb community left in western Kosovo.

Most of Kosovo's estimated 200,000 Serb minority fled the Yugoslav province last year for fear of ethnic Albanian reprisals after NATO air strikes ousted Serbian security forces who had been waging a brutal anti-guerrilla campaign.

Almost all remaining Serbs in Kosovo live in widely scattered enclaves watched over by KFOR peacekeepers.

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