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Marines land in northern Greece for Kosovo exercises

ATHENS (March 19, 2000) - Eight hundred U.S. marines landed in northern Greece on Sunday, and an additional 400 were expected by nightfall, as troops from five NATO countries prepared for three weeks of maneuvers in Kosovo.

Coming ashore at Litohoro, near Salonica, the Marines then boarded 100 military trucks, which took them to the Macedonian border, a Greek military spokesman said.

He added that the troops would be joined in Macedonia by about 200 Polish and Dutch troops participating in the "Dynamic Response 2000 (DR2K)" exercises.

The exercises, due to last until April 10, coincide with the anniversary of the start of NATO's 78-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia on March 24, 1999.

A total of 1,500 soldiers, including some from Argentina and Romania, will link up with NATO-led troops (KFOR) already deployed in Kosovo in a bid to display the alliance's resolve to keeping the peace in the Yugoslav province.

The DR2K exercises are intended to train troops from the alliance's strategic reserve forces to work with KFOR troops on the ground.

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