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War crimes charges considered in Russia

Paris, Thursday, March 23, 2000

STRASBOURG (AFP) - The Russian president's human rights envoy for Chechnya announced Wednesday that prosecutors were considering 128 cases of alleged war crimes in the Chechen conflict.

Vladimir Kalamanov, on a visit to the Council of Europe here, said that the cases were in the hands of Russia's prosecutor-general and chief military prosecutor.

"The human rights situation is not very satisfactory, and we would like to have more information," Mr. Kalamanov said. He added that he had written to the prosecutors for details of the allegations and the legal proceedings.

Mr. Kalamanov said he had reached an agreement in principle with the Council of Europe for two permanent European "adviser-experts" to work with the Chechnya human rights office.

An office opened three weeks ago in Znamenskoye in northern Chechnya. There are currently nine Russian and Chechen staff members in the office, which is expected to have a total staff of 30. The sides are expected to approve the advisers by the end of March.

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