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Only a myth about new weapon

Milosevic did not give in because of vacuum bombs

Feb 02, 2000

Belgrade - The version alleged by the Sunday Times, although horrifying, is not very likely. Vacuum bombs really exist, and the Chiefs of Staff of the Yugoslav Army were aware it their effects.

It can be assumed that various threats to Milosevic had influence in his defense and final capitulation, but it wasn't only due to bombs nor destructive effects of most modern and insufficiently tested lethal weapons.

The theater of war (or better said military training ground for NATO bombers) in Serbia had two key roles in the aerial NATO offensive: above all, Serbia became an "involuntary dump" for obsolete missiles and experimental laboratory for the testing of the latest types of weapons and explosives.

NATO dropped on Serbia more than 700 obsolete "Tomahawk" cruise missiles (out of 3,000); as well as several tens of tons of bombs, guided, and unguided rockets and other missiles, "enriched" by depleted uranium or without it, that had passed their deadlines for use.

At the same time NATO used "smart" bombs of the latest generation and laser guided missiles that strike targets with surgical accuracy.

That type of accuracy was demonstrated on several occasions, especially during attacks on the Serbian Ministry of Internal affairs [Police] building, and the residence of the Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic. In the latter attack, the attackers, based on precise electronic reconnaissance, knew that Milosevic was not in his bedroom, which suffered a direct hit.

It is interesting that the latest types of explosives (aerosols) which were ten times more destructive than the ordinary TNT, also have vacuum effect, followed with absorption of oxygen and destruction of all living beings needing oxygen, over the surface of several tens of square meters.

The vacuum bomb is too small a scare for Milosevic, since there are immeasurably more lethal weapons which could, proportionally, horrify him even more. By the way, all of them have vacuum effect to a certain extent, including nuclear arms.

Based on our sources, Milosevic did not give in because of threats, but under a combination of threats and promises. His personal security was threatened in case he did not sign what was demanded from him and it was promised that, in case he capitulated, besides placing him in a quarantine, no one would touch him.

There is Always Worse

Mass destruction can efficiently be achieved by weapons used in Yugoslavia and in previous wars. Obviously, The Sunday Times is trying to launch a myth about a new terrifying weapon, not in connection with the past wars but with possible future conflicts in mind. Rumors about a bomb that "absorbs" oxygen are supposed to serve as a deterrent.

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