Emperor's Clothes
Russian and Chinese press condemn US/Nato behavior


Serbian peasants resist Imperial Stormtroopers

March 02 (Itar/Tass) - In mid-evening, residents of Serbian village Gorne-Kusce (near the city of Gnilan) blocked about 50 US-KFOR soldiers conducting what were euphemistically called weapons searches in residents' homes.

According to ham-radio operators, the farmers were responding to harassment by the US soldiers. As in Mitrovica, the U.S. soldiers broke into people's homes, destroying everything in their path. Three peasants were beaten for resisting. One was detained.

Moreover the Serbs observed Albanians from the region among the US soldiers. These Albanians were armed and wore the uniform of the US Military Police Special Forces. Their insignia read: "Kosovo Protection Corps." This is the so-called police force, created by KFOR from the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA or UCK).

As of midnight local time, the situation had not been resolved. The armed Americans were in the center of the village surrounded by a crowd of 1000 people armed with pitchforks, shovels and sticks.

Prior to the search, all routes leading to this heavily-populated site were quietly blocked by American tanks and weapons transporters.

The residents of Gorne-Kusce requested the presence of KFOR leaders, but none had yet appeared. Couriers were also sent to request the presence of Russian soldiers stationed nearby in Kosovska Kamenica, also in the American sector. The blockade participants reasoned that with the help of the objective Russian observers, they could establish the fact that armed Albanians were among the Americans. Without such witnesses, the American KFOR representatives would simply deny the Serbs' accusations.

West stirs up Albanians against Serbs

Beijing, February 22nd - The Chinese military daily, "Jiefan Jun Ban," today appealed to the world community to "prevent ethnic Albanian terrorism under the auspices of the UN." Reacting to the latest Albanian separatist attacks, the military newspaper charged that:

"The West deliberately stirs up ethnic Albanian fury towards the Serbs. What is needed instead is to create the conditions for a political solution of the Kosovo issue with full respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) and the consistent implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244....

It is obvious that the situation in Kosovo has deteriorated since the arrival of the UN military and civil mission last June...The use of force against sovereign Yugoslavia not only violated the UN Charter and the principles of the international standards, but turned out to be an utterly dangerous example of interference with a nation's sovereignty."

The military daily pointed out that KFOR and UNMIK have exerted pressure on Serbs and encouraged Albanian extremists.

"The world community insists that Kosovo is an inseparable part of Yugoslavia...KFOR [NATO] and the UNMIK [the UN in Kosovo] must fundamentally alter their transparently biased attitude and start implementing Security Council's Resolution 1244. Otherwise they will face a dead-end situation in an inflamed Kosovo."

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