Several hundred people protest against globalization in Prague

PRAGUE, Apr 17, 2000 -- (CTK) Several hundred people gathered at Prague's Old Town Square at an unauthorized demonstration this afternoon in protest against the weekend meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) in Washington.

The demonstration, staged by the Initiative against Economic Globalization, after half an hour started to move towards Wenceslas Square under the supervision of dozens of policemen, including mounted patrols.

Speakers, people from the Initiative and anarchist groups, spoke to the participants, mostly young people, about the IMF and the WB as about undemocratically functioning institutions.

They accused them of further impoverishing the third world, destroying life on the Earth and the rain virgin forests. On the other hand, these organizations protect the interests of the economic elite and privileged strata, the speakers said.

The participants carried posters reading Stop to the destruction of the rain virgin forests and original populations, No to million-worth investment at IMF and WB meetings, Return streets to us, People are hungry, government equip their armies, The Earth first of all, and others.

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