Activation of Temelin irresponsible jeopardy

PRAGUE, Sep 4, 2000 -- (CTK) The activation of the first reactor of the controversial Temelin nuclear power plant in south Bohemia would be an "irresponsible jeopardy which would threaten the safety of residents of central Europe" in the current situation, Upper Austrian commissioner for nuclear facilities Radko Pavlovec told CTK today.

He told CTK that he had said this at today's bilateral meeting of a Czech-Austrian expert commission on Temelin in the Czech State Nuclear Safety Office (SUJB).

Pavlovec's statement thus contradicts a statement by SUJB spokesman Pavel Pittermann who told CTK earlier that Austrian experts had made no indication that they wanted to put off or stop the launch of Temelin.

"We have the full right to put Temelin into operation," Pittermann said. According to Pittermann, Temelin was built not only in harmony with the Czech laws but also in line with the laws of other countries.

Pavlovec said that he had warned the SUJB that "some [construction] solutions...did not meet German norms and should be an obstacle for activation."

SUJB representative confirmed that Temelin did not meet German norms in all aspects but added that they considered it no obstacle for permitting the activation of Temelin.

Under the law, the SUJB can say "stop" at any moment. This would happen if the SUJB decided that Temelin was not safe. The position of any government or minister would play no role in the decision-making, Pittermann said. There is, however, no reason to stop the physical launch of Temelin, he added.

"Open issues have to be discussed in the expert commission before the activation of the first reactor.

The aim is to reach a state of safety that corresponds to the current state in EU countries," Pavlovec said. The bilateral commission of experts has been meeting annually since 1982.

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