Kosovo media hold Day of Silence over attacks

PRISTINA, Sep 15, 2000 -- (Reuters) The Albanian-language media of Kosovo held a day of silence on Friday to protest against the recent murder of one journalist and the disappearance of another.

The southern Yugoslav province's seven major daily newspapers did not appear and radio stations played music in place of normal news bulletins.

Earlier in the week, veteran Kosovo journalist Shefki Popova was shot dead outside his home, and television journalist Marjan Mellonashi has been missing since last weekend.

Kosovo is in the throes of its first election campaign since NATO bombing drove Serbian forces out of the province in June 1999, and United Nations administrators are concerned about the rise in political violence.

On Thursday evening in the capital, Pristina, one ethnic Albanian man was killed and another wounded in a shooting attack. A Serbian woman was shot dead near the rural town of Kamenica on Wednesday and a senior official in charge of reconstruction was murdered in Pristina earlier in the week.

None of the killings has been attributed to political rivalries, and no clear motive has been established for the killing of the journalist.

The overwhelming majority of Kosovo's residents are ethnic Albanians.

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