Time for Security Council to revisit Kosovo issue

OTTAWA, Sep 13, 2000 -- (AFP) The United Nations Security Council will have to review the situation in Kosovo and come up with an action plan to implement its previous decisions, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Tuesday.

After meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy, Ivanov reiterated Russian opposition to the holding of local elections in the Yugoslav province.

He said that both Canada and Russia supported UN Resolution 1244 which, among other things, confirms Yugoslav sovereignty over the territory.

"Unfortunately," Ivanov told a press conference, "the events in Kosovo are a cause for concern.

"The Security Council should take urgent steps to stop the negative developments that we have been witnessing.

"The situation in Kosovo is not conducive to holding local elections at this time," he added.

Ivanov said that UN Resolution 1244 insisted that any elections in Kosovo must be "democratic, free and open to all parts of the electorate."

Those conditions, he said, do no exist because there were still 200,000 Serbs, Gypsies and others who remained expelled from Kosovo.

Under these conditions, he said, "talk of elections would be a mockery."

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