International team finds 42 river pollution sources in four countries

BUDAPEST, Sep 13, 2000 -- (BBC) Text of report by Hungarian radio.
The working group of Nagybanya [Baia Mare, in western Romania, the location of a mine which caused a large-scale cyanide pollution in the eastern Hungarian river Tisza at the end of January], a group of international experts, has found altogether 42 places in the Tisza's water catchment area which are very dangerous for the environment, [the Hungarian daily] `Nepszava' writes.
The paper says that, according to the list published in Brussels, the number of such industrial plants are 24 in Romania, 11 in Hungary, six in Ukraine, one in Slovakia. In Hungary, the chemical and energy companies which can damage their environment are in the area of Budapest, Szolnok [eastern Hungary] and Miskolc [northeastern Hungary]. According to the paper, the countries' declarations do not include all pollution sources.

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