Mejdani criticizes Greece at UN Summit

TIRANA, Sep 11, 2000 -- (RFE/RL) In his speech to the UN General Assembly at the body's Millennium Summit, President Rexhep Mejdani obliquely criticized Greece for maintaining its legal state of war with Albania.

"We must ask ourselves," he said, "can we arrive at an acceptable definition of good governance while members of the United Nations maintain a de jure declaration of war with other members? Certainly not," he said.

While Mejdani maintains that the increasingly globalize world is more stable, he feels that dictators, authoritarian demagogues and new, emerging strains of fascism present a risk to many European nations. In this, he singled out the Balkans, saying regional development and security are constantly threatened by the "criminal Belgrade regime."

"The crisis in the former Yugoslav Federation began in 1989 in Kosovo, and will only end after a proper solution to the question, with a new, democratic Kosovo."

Mejdani went on to criticize the more developed UN members for insufficient aid to underdeveloped nations, saying "it does not cost too much to lecture undeveloped countries and criticize their ineffective governing, while giving them less funds to support their technological, educational and other development needs."

The president also met with his Montenegrin and Macedonian counterparts to discuss regional security and politics.

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