Bulgaria accuses Macedonia of obstructing transit to Kosovo

SOFIA, Sep 5, 2000 -- (RFE/RL) The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry on 3 September said the Macedonian authorities are intentionally obstructing the transit of Bulgarian trucks to Kosovo, causing food cargoes to spoil while waiting at the Blace crossing point, AP reported.

The ministry said the truckers are forced to wait in line for days without any food, water, medical aid, and basic conveniences. It described this state of affairs "an ill-minded practice" rather than "an incident."

Earlier on 1 September, AP reported that Bulgarian shipping officials said the country's Danube fleet is in danger of grinding to a virtual halt because of "chronic difficulties in passing the Yugoslav stretch of the river."

The Romanian sailors' union announced it intends to block the eastern Danube port of Calarasi to protest the ongoing obstacles to navigation in Yugoslavia.

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