YU denies 'Yugoslav secret services' trying to destabilize Macedonia

SKOPJE, Sep 5, 2000 -- (BBC) Text of report by Serbian news agency Beta.

The Yugoslav embassy in Skopje resolutely denied today that the newly formed VMRO [True Macedonian Reform Option] party, led by former minister Boris Stojmenov, had been instrumentalized by Yugoslav services in order to destabilize Macedonia.

The talks between Yugoslav Ambassador Zoran Janackovic and the leaders of the newly formed VMRO party last Thursday [31st August] have provoked controversial reactions in the Macedonian media.

In response to accusations that they are cooperating with the Yugoslav secret services, the party leaders said that the meeting had taken place at Ambassador Janackovic's request, as part of the meetings with all the foreign ambassadors accredited in Skopje who wanted to hear what was happening in the Macedonian political circles.

"The FRY [Federal Republic of Yugoslavia] embassy resolutely denies all the accusations coming from the political parties in the Macedonian coalition government and the media under their control that the FRY is interfering in Macedonia's internal affairs and that it is working towards the destabilization of the country," says a statement by Ambassador Janackovic.

He stresses that all the accusations directed at his meeting with the VMRO leadership on 31st August are "unfounded and extremely malicious".

"My visit to the party headquarters did not require approval or permission from the ruling parties in Macedonia. I visited them in broad daylight in the center of Skopje, and there was no secrecy about it," the Yugoslav ambassador says.

"These accusations concerning my visit to the VMRO HQ are coming from those people who are trying to hide the real state of affairs in Macedonia and the fact that the Macedonian authorities are interfering in the internal affairs of the FRY," the statement says.

The FRY embassy in Macedonia also says that "it is well known who is threatening Macedonia with destabilization," adding that this is "Albanian terrorism and separatism".

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